70mai Dash Cam M500

70mai Dash Cam M500

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Built-in eMMC Card:
• 1944P Resolution & HDR
• TPMS Compatible & ADAS & Voice Control for safety risks prevention
• eMMC Built-in Storage (128 GB)
• Time-lapse Recording
• Advanced GPS & GLONASS Positioning
• Easy to Install & Emergency Recording & Loop Recording & App Control
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What You'd Expect from a Quality Dash Cam

2.5 Times of 1080P with Our Widest FOV Yet

Outstanding image quality with a high resolution of 2592x1944 captures license plates, road signs, and other critical details on the road. With the 70mai app, you can view real-time footage directly on your phone.

An extra wide 170° field of view better records actions on both sides of your car—where collisions are most likely to occur.

70mai Night Owl Vision

With HDR* imaging and a F2.0 large aperture that pulls in more light, the M500 ensures crisp, well-illuminated images in low-light and high-contrast environments by automatically adjusting exposure and reducing noise.

*High Dynamic Range


24H Smart Parking Surveillance* with Car Battery Protection

Your car is in good hands while you're away. If the built-in G-sensor detects any sudden shakes or collisions, the M500 will automatically start recording to capture any potential incidents. If an emergency video is recorded, the dash cam will notify you with a voice alert after it's turned back on.

With car battery protection**, you won't have to worry about the dash cam draining your car battery while your car is parked.

*The 70mai hardwire kit is required and is sold separately.
**In case of low car battery voltage, the dash cam will be turned off automatically to protect car battery.


Time-Lapse Recording*

Time-lapse recording enables true 24-h parking surveillance: every 30 minutes of footage is compressed into one minute, so you can keep your camera on all night** without using too much storage space. With faster playbacks, you can catch noteworthy events quickly, too.

With car battery protection**, you won't have to worry about the dash cam draining your car battery while your car is parked.

*The 70mai hardwire kit is required and is sold separately.
**Car battery protection applies to time-lapse recording as well.

Expanded Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Act ahead with ADAS: it detects your surroundings and voice alerts to safety concerns. The M500 comes with expanded ADAS alerts include lane departure, forward collision, moving traffic, and pedestrian collision.

Notably, the pedestrian collision AI algorithm enables quick and accurate detection of both pedestrians and cyclists within the M500's field of view and gives you timely warnings to prevent accidents.


More Stable GPS & GLONASS Positioning

The M500's positioning system receives signals from both GPS & GLONASS satellites, enabling stable and accurate positioning even in areas prone to signal obstruction. Trip data* includes time, speed (km/h, mph), and coordinates—crucial for roadside assistance and insurance claims in case of an accident.

*Your data will always be kept confidential and location tracking can be turned off anytime in the 70mai app.


Enhanced Reliability, Safety, and Convenience

No Memory Card

With the eMMC 5.1 built-in storage, you no longer need a separate memory card. The M500's maximum read/write speeds of 230MB/s and 150MB/s also help you avoid common issues such as frame-skipping and memory card errors.

M500: eMMC Storage

eMMC Storage

  • Low maintenance
  • Longer-lasting
  • Reliable recording

Traditional Dash Cam: Separate Memory Card

SD & TF Cards

  • Separate purchase
  • Shorter lifespan
  • Frame-skipping and recording erros

Tire Pressure Monitoring* with Voice Alerts

The M500 helps you prevent safety risks and monitor real-time tire health with its tire pressure monitoring feature. It receives Bluetooth signals from Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensors and will notify you with a voice alert if the sensors detect abnormal tire pressure.

Real-time tire pressure and temperature information is also readily available in the 70mai app.

* External Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Sensor is required and is sold separately.

Enhanced Accuracy

Using Bluetooth signals, sensors' automotive-grade chips are highly resistant to frequency interference and give your more accurate data.

Dust & Water Resistance

With IP6K6K dust & water resistance grade, the sensors are designed to endure outdoor dusts and heavy rain and give you peace of mind.

Withstand Extreme Temperatures

Sensor batteries can withstand temperatures from -20°C (-4°F) to 80°C (176°F), ensuring optimal sensor performance and at least 2 years of use.

A Breeze to Install

Each TPMS sensor only weighs 13g (approx. 0.46 oz) and does not affect the dynamic balance of your car. It only takes a few minutes to install them on or remove them from all four tires, making it easy for you whenever you need to change tires or drive a new rental car.

Free Your Hands with Voice Control*

Nobody enjoys multitasking while driving. You can directly give voice commands to control your dash cam as long as it is turned on, whether you want to take a photo or start recording.

*Voice control is only available in English.

App Control

Connect to the 70mai App via the built-in Wi-Fi and check real-time footage without using up your phone's data. You can also adjust recording duration and other settings, take and download photos and videos...all at your fingertips!

Loop Recording

Loop recording gives you practically unlimited storage space, as new recordings will automatically overwrite* older footage when the memory card reaches full capacity.

*Event recordings are saved separately and can be easily located.

Sample Footage Gallery

A 170° FOV lets you see road and store signs on both sides.

Tech Specs Dash Cam M500 Dash Cam M300 Dash Cam 1S
Video Resolution 2592x1944P 2304x1296P 1920x1080P
Field of View 170° 140° 130°
Aperture F2.0 F2.1 F2.2
Battery 500mAh 240mAh 240mAh
Storage eMMC Internal Storage microSD Card microSD Card
Parking Surveillance ×
Time-lapse Recording ×
Tire Pressure Monitoring × ×
Voice Control ×
Built-in GPS × ×
ADAS × ×
App Control
Road Story Effects × ×

Packing List

Dash Cam M500

Adhesive Sticker

Electrostatic Sticker

Wiring Crowbar

Dual USB Car Charger


Power Cord

User Manual

Dash Cam M500


Product Size: 106*31.5*30mm
DV: H.265/H.264
Audio Coding: AAC
Video: MP4
Battery: 500mAh
Working Temperature: -10°C - 60°C
Cable Length: 3.5M


Video Resolution: 2592*1944
Screen Size: /
Image Sensor: OS05A10
Lens/Aperture: 3G3P/F2.0
FPS: 30
Processor: NT96580
Built-in GPS: YES


  • 24H Parking Monitoring (Optional)  
  • Emergency Recording
  • ADAS
  • G-Sensor
  • HDR
  • 3D DNR
  • Loop Recording
  • Time-lapse Recording
  • Route Track
  • Voice Control
  • Recording Duration: 1/2/3 mins

Not Supported

  • WDR
  • GPS Timing
1. Why the dash cam doesn't work when the vehicle started?

1.Please check the connection between the dash cam, power cable and car charger.
2.This situation might caused by unmatched voltage between the cigarette lighter socket and the dash cam. Make sure you use the standard power cable and car charger within the package in case of incompatibility issues.

2. Can’t find the dash cam’s Wi-Fi hotspot in your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot list?

If you cannot see the dash cam’s Wi-Fi hotspot name in your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot list, please refer to the followings:
(1) Make sure the dash cam’s Wi-Fi hotspot is on. If it is not, press the power button to turn it on.
(2) Turn off the wireless LAN (or WLAN) and then on again on your phone’s system settings. After doing all above, if you still cannot find the dash cam’s Wi-Fi hotspot, please contact customer service onlinehelp@70mai.com

3. When using iPhones to connect the dash cam Wi-Fi hotspot, why “Cannot join the network” prompts when inputting the password?

If you enter the wrong password when connecting the hotspot and try to input the password again in a short time, iPhone may recognize your operation as illegal. So that a pop-up dialog box “Cannot join the network xxxx (xxxx is Wi-Fi hot spot name) ” displays on the screen.
In this case, please exit the password input interface, back to the Wi-Fi hotspot list, select the dash cam’s hotspot and then re-connect.
If the above operation still cannot make a successful connection, please forget the dash cam’s Wi-Fi hotspot in your phone’s WLAN list then re-connect. 

4. Why the dash cam stops recording?

The dash cam will automatically stop recording in the following situations:
1. Formatting the internal memory card
2. Restoring factory settings
3. Updating firmware
4. Any operation on the album when connected to the 70mai app
5. Detecting abnormity in the internal memory card, for instance, non-dash cam related files are detected. In this case, please format the internal memory card according to the voice prompts.
The dash cam will automatically start recording when exiting the above operations.

5. No driving route data displays on the screen

Possible Reason 1: The dash cam’s positioning system fails to obtain positioning information and cannot generate driving record data.
Solution: Check the status on the dash cam’s home screen. If the positioning icon is not shown, this is the reason. Bring the dash cam to an open space and wait for around 3 minutes before trying again.
Possible Reason 2: The car did not move, so no driving record data is generated. 
Solution: Ensure that the dash cam is correctly installed in the car and working normally. Drive the car over a certain distance to generate driving record data.
Possible Reason 3: Driving record data was not synchronized to the 70mai app.
Solution: See the answer to “How can I synchronize the driving record data saved in the dash cam to the 70mai app?”
Possible Reason 4: The phone has no network connection. When viewing driving records, the phone requires a network connection to load the map.
Solution: Disconnect the phone from the dash cam’s Wi-Fi hotspot and connect it to a network (WLAN or mobile data network). Tap My > Driving route to enter the “Driving route” page to view the records.

6. Why does ADAS calibration fail?

Calibration failures may be out of the following reasons:
1. The dash cam’s camera is too far from the car front, i.e. too close to the left and right sides or the upper and lower sides.
2. The car speed during most of the calibration process is less than 40 km/h.
3. The nighttime light is too dim to accurately identify the lane line.
4. The lane line is blurred and unidentifiable.

7. working temperature

Do not use the dash cam in environments with temperatures over 60°C or below -10°C.

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